It is never too late to follow the right path.

Company Profile

Right Track Consultants is a leader in careers & college planning consultation for students and parents of high school students in Qatar. Our experienced career advisors mentor them from confusion to clarity through a ‘3-Step Milestone Approach’ to career planning –
Career guidance, Test Preparation and University guidance.

Founder’s Message

Bhavyata Bendre


Choosing a Career is about choosing a PROBLEM you are passionate about solving.

- Bhavyata Bendre

Right Track was established in 2018, providing career and college guidance to high school students in Qatar. It was set up after numerous interactions with students, parents to understand their higher education preferences and challenges in achieving them.

In my 15+ years of helping students and their parents in making important career decisions, I have realized that the 3 fundamental pillars of career planning are:

  1. Every Child is Unique and Intelligent
  2. Every child deserves higher education in a good university.
  3. Every parent deserves to have an affordable higher education plan for their child.