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Study Abroad with Scholarships

Right Track partners with FACT – Foreign Academic Consultancy and Training, global leaders in overseas higher education consultation to offer award winning test prep and college admission guidance in most post popular study destinations of the world.
FACT focuses on diverse segments of education, and across learners of multiple age-groups (from high school students to those seeking PhD degrees). Led by a team of highly qualified professionals with a passion for excellence in education, more than 20,000 students are placed in various prestigious global universities with good scholarships.


  • Pick quality universities likely to provide generous scholarships so that you don’t have to scrap your retirement funds.
  • Come up with a list if high quality universities that you can actually afford.
  • End the lie that only 50 universities out of 1600 are worth attending
  • Avoid paying the sticker price for university (no one does that with the right information.

Consultants VS Agents



Expert Country Counselor for each country

One counselor for all countries

Personalised guidance with unlimited consultation sessions

Limited slots / sessions

Updated information about changes in admission process

Little information about changes in the overall admission process in other universities / countries.

University guidance and personalised university list based on profile ad not partnered universities.

Biased approach. Suggest universities partnered with the agency.

Awarded As

University Guidance Plan